My name is Mike Yapps and I am an artist. I grew up on the east coast, Maryland to be exact. I’ve been drawing cars and monsters ever since I could hold a crayon. I loved creating things that come from within my head, whatever it may be. I always let my imagination run wild. I guess that’s how kids are and I just never grew out of that. In high school I drew everywhere and all the time. I was lucky enough to have a great art teacher who supported me and pushed me to become a better artist. Once I graduated high school, i went off to Maryland Institute, College of Art. There I honed my skills and was able to explore even more. While in college, I had come across a magazine one day while in a book store and fell in love. It was CARtoons magazine. This is what I want to do, I thought to myself, but the teachers in college pushed me towards editorial illustration. They say there is no money in drawing cars. So I followed what they had told me. I graduated with a bachelors degree in graphic arts and went on to pursue a career in the editorial illustration world.   


     I did work on a regular basis for Stocks & Commodities and Working Money magazines and a few other smaller jobs here and there. But I just didn’t feel like this was what I wanted. I loved cars. I loved drawing monsters. I loved drawing what was inside my head. CARtoons was always in the back of my head. That is what I wanted to do deep down. That is my passion. I always tried to submit my art to “My Wheels” section and any contests that they had. I was excited to see my art published in the magazine. I was devastated when my subscription turned into CarCraft and found out that CARtoons was no longer. My dream  was gone.


     I then found an ad for a contest in a VW magazine for a t-shirt design and decided to enter. I was fortunate enough to win the contest and I was so excited! I’ve had my art on magazine covers before, but this was even better. Now I could see people wearing my art!  This contest changed everything. This contest was for the Bug Out VW show in Virginia. That was 1995 and I’ve been doing the designs ever since.

   I was lucky enough to meet the legend himself, Ed Roth, down at the World of Wheels in DC one year. I was in awe as I watched him do his thing. I was lucky enough to be able to talk to someone who I looked up to and admired.  Because of what he had done, I am able to do what I do. It is a moment I will never forget.


      I decided I wanted to pursue my passion for cars and found the whole car kulture. I loved the work of Ed Roth, Dave Deal, Joe Borer, Steve Austin, Robert Williams....  I was fascinated by these artists work much more than the traditional artists taught about in school. I like the more off the wall stuff. The stuff that really only comes out of the imagination part of the brain. I was never the type to enjoy painting fruit baskets and landscapes. I enjoy the characters and the expressions upon their faces as they reach up high for that shifter. You can almost hear the gears grinding and feel the heat from the flames thrown from the exhaust. You could almost smell the rubber burning and get a slight aroma of gas and oil. That is what I wanted. That is what I do.


    So I decided to create Kreative Oddities. Here is where I showcase what I see inside my brain. I love hot rods and the whole kulture that surrounds it. This is my passion. So here in my studio I create, with the help of my cats Coop and DeVille, artwork for your viewing pleasure. So take a look around. I do commission work so feel free to contact me to draw your car or a logo or whatever. Follow me on Facebook to follow my goings on and see new artwork as they are being created.




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